Residency for Military Personnel

Active Duty Members Stationed in WA State and National Guard Members Veterans, National Guard and Dependents
Discharged within the
last 12 Months - DD-214 Form
Children and Surviving Spouses of certain Law Enforcement Officers, Firefighters, or State Patrol Officers Waiver

Active Duty Members Stationed in Washington and National Guard Members

Active duty military and National Guard members and dependents may be eligible for resident tuition if they are otherwise classified as non-residents. A copy of Active Duty Orders/ID and/or dependent card (or other verification) are required to receive in-state-tuition. 

Discharged within the last 12 months - DD-214 formRCW 28b.15.012 provides as follows:

A student who has listed any state other than Washington as his/her home or record on the DD-214 form may be eligible for residency status if the student has established Bona Fide Domicile in Washington and meets the following criteria:

  • Was discharged from the military while stationed in Washington State and stayed in Washington instead of returning to his/her home of record listed on the DD-214
  • Has lived (been stationed) in Washington State for at least one year while on active duty; and
  • Has established a number of ties to Washington State

If a student meets the requirements above, the student will be considered a resident of Washington State as long as the student can prove that in fact, established a bona fide domicile in the state primarily for purposes other than military and educational.

Student needs to submit the Residence Questionnaire form and provide three documents dated a year prior to the first day of the quarter:

  • WA State Driver License or WA State ID (Required)
  • Most recent Income Tax filed in Washington (Required)
  • Washington State motor vehicle registration

Additional Options:

  • Bills (utility, credit card, cell phone, etc..)
  • Lease Agreement
  • Pay stub
  • Bank statement OR
  • Any other document dated a year prior ro the first day of the quarter

Veterans, National Guard and Dependents

Military veterans, current members of the National Guard, and some dependents of deceased or permanently disabled veterans may be eligible for a tuition discount. For more information, contact the Veterans Resource Center - Arlene Cahoon at (425) 388-9587 in Parks Student Union 318. An approved certification card must be submitted at the time of registration.

Children and Surviving Spouses of certain Law Enforcement Officers, Firefighters, or State Patrol Officers Waiver

Children of any law enforcement officer, firefighter or Washington state patrol officer who lost his or her life or became totally disabled in the line of duty while employed by any public law enforcement agency of full-time or volunteer fire department in this state, may be eligible for a tuition waiver. The following documentation is required:

  • EvCC Tuition Waiver Application for Children of Deceased or Disabled Law Enforcement Officers or Firefighters form
  • Letter from the Department of Retirement Systems
  • Proof of parent/child relationship: Birth Certificate and Income Tax Forms
  • Copy of WA State high school diploma/WA State high school transcript
  • Washington State driver license/Washington State picture ID

Applications for resident status must be received before the 30th calendar day of the quarter for which you are applying for recognition of residency.