Running Start Student Resources

1. Please view the above video as part of the Mandatory Running Start Orientation.

2. View the following two videos as part of Mandatory Entry Advising before signing up for an Running Start Entry Advising Lab. (view your acceptance email for details) 

Advising Video One: Degree Options, Course Placement, and Choosing Classes

Advising Video Two: Learn How to Register


Fee Waiver

Students who qualify for Free or Reduced Lunch at their sponsoring high school and/or students who have been in Foster Care, qualify for a Fee Waiver. Fee Waivers must be submitted on an annual basis. The Fee Waiver must be submitted in accordance with the college's payment policy. If documentation is not available at the beginning of the quarter, the student may provide documentation that they received Free or Reduced Lunch in the prior year. This will hold eligibility until current documentation can be acquired. Documentation is typically the letter a family receives from the district granting Free or Reduced Lunch at the sponsoring high school. The Fee Waiver will be expanded to include Tuition on credits above a student's eligibility. Please note that the Fee Waiver will not cover tuition or fees on classes below the 100 level.

Download the Fee Waiver Application. Acrobat PDF Reader Icon

Enrollment Verification Form

Each quarter students are required to submit a Running Start Enrollment Verification Form (RSEVF). This form communicates the student's high school information with the college and will determine their quarterly eligibility for Tuition-free credits. The RSEVF can be obtained from the high school counselors directly or picked up from the High School Programs Office. Please submit the RSEVF to the High School Programs Office at least one week before the student's registration access date.

Academic Requirements

Students in Running Start must maintain a 2.0 GPA. If the GPA falls below 2.0, the student will be on academic probation.

  • After two (2) quarters below a 2.0 GPA, a student is required to meet with a counselor to select classes.
  • If a student has three quarters below a 2.0 GPA, the student will lose eligibility for Running Start and the program funding.

Communication from the College

Communication from the High School Programs Office is primarily done via email. The email that a student submitted on the Running Start application is the email the High School Programs Office will use to communicate information to students. Students are responsible for any information that is emailed to them and for maintaining an up-to-date email address. If the student's email changes, it can be updated through your MyEvCC Student Portal. Instructors, Student LIFE, the Registrar and various other departments on campus use the college issued student email to communicate. Students are also responsible for information in that email.

The High School Programs Office will also communicate deadlines and activities via Facebook and Instagram.'Like us' and updates will come directly to your Facebook News Feed. The High School Programs Office uses Running Start Resources in CANVAS as another mode of communication. Running Start students can log into CANVAS and click on RS Resources for more information.