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EvCC Fed ID # 91-0759103

Tax Credits for Your Tuition Payments

In late January or early February of each year, qualified students enrolled at EvCC in the previous year receive a 1098T notification from Everett Community College. This notification is related to the federal tax credit programs called the American Opportunity Credit (formerly HOPE Scholarship) or Lifetime Learning Tax Credit.

If you are part of the international program you will only need to consider the information on this form if you will be filing a US tax return and meet eligibility requirements set by the IRS. Please contact your tax consultant or the IRS for information regarding eligibility.

These tax credit programs may be claimed against federal income taxes for the payment of qualified tuition and related expenses. It is the responsibility of the student and/or individual tax payer to determine his or her eligibility and the deductible amount of tuition/fees.

A college cannot provide you with tax advice, so instead of calling us, you may wish to find out if you might be eligible by reading information at these websites:

You may also wish to consult the IRS or a tax accountant for assistance. Your own check receipts, credit card statements, or your own copy of your receipt showing tuition paid at the time you registered may support your claim.

For more information or questions, please call 425-259-8279

Beginning at the end of January, you can review your previous year tuition costs by generating your previous class schedules via the My EvCC portal on our website. We strongly encourage you to do this in order to doublecheck the dollar amount shown on the 1098T. We are aware that in some cases student loans may not have been calculated properly when the 1098T was printed, so it is important for you to doublecheck.

How do I get to the "1098T IRS Tuition Statement" login?

  1. Upon entering the My EvCC,  click on "1098T Tuition Statement" in the right column
  2. Enter your student ID
  3. Enter your PIN
  4. Click on "View My 1098T Statement". You may need to scroll down to see all the information. For each quarter on the list on the screen, you can click on the quarter and see more detail.

NOTE: We strongly recommend that you change your PIN number to a secret code. You can do this by selecting Student Pin Change on the menu in the My EvCC portal.

If you believe there is an error on your 1098T, and/or if you do not have computer access you may request written information by submitting a written inquiry (with your name, student ID number, address, phone number and signature) to Administrative Services – 1098T IRS / American Opportunity Credit, EvCC, 2000 Tower Street, Everett, WA 98201.