EvCC Leadership Academy

Leadership Academy 2014-2015 Calendar & Schedule of Activities 

Leadership Academy 2013-2014 Cohorts

Team: ELM

Members: Adja Fame, Eugene McAvoy, Ben Thompson, Shelby Sherrill and Shirl Magana.
Project Summary: Researched, coordinated and built a greenhouse at EvCC's Early Learning Center from recycled two-liter bottles.


Members: Luke Hamilton, Wendy Wong, Leigh Christianson, Buzz Loring and Linda Nichols.
Project Summary: Created an online sustainability survey designed to create benchmarks for individuals and/or departments to work toward setting goals around sustainability.


Members: Paula Three Stars, Kathleen Lefcourt, Heather Marrs and Tim Dunn.
Project Summary: Created the SEEK Affinity Group designed to build social sustainability through employee-to-employee knowledge and support.


Members: Lea Wasson, Marjorie Gray and Dan Murphy.
Project Summary: Created a game-show style event played during Earth Week events on campus, as well as a website to educate readers on the problems associated with the use of disposable water bottles.