Diversity Lab Resources and Exercises

The following resources and exercises were found to be extremely useful to those of us engaged in this lab.
The context, application and discussions regarding these resources are not presented here. If you would like more information about such lab processes please feel free to contact the Teaching and Learning Cooperative, Coordinator.

Diversity Perspective Interviews Word Document Icon
This is a first day of class or a small group introduction exercise which encourages participants to dig more deeply into the full range of diverse perspectives which have effected their lives. This offers an easy and low key way to begin setting the norm of honoring diversity in our work and lives.

Good Intentions are Not Enough. Acrobat PDF Reader Icon
We found this essay to be a solid reminder of the action required to change the way we think about intercultural education on our campus.

White Privilege: Unpacking the invisible knapsack Peggy McIntosh Word Document Icon
More than any single essay we have used, this one prompts the most meaningful dialog between the people of color and the white people within our Teaching Lab. We all believe the essay can be a useful starter for meaningful classroom engagement in our courses and campus activities.

White Benefits Checklist Acrobat PDF Reader Icon
Another useful conversation starter. It causes one to truly begin to think about the deep and unconscious ways we assume the privilege we are born into as white people in our North American Culture.

Check Lists for Racial Identity Development
You will find attached here four different aspects of a racial identity development survey. Items 1,2,3 Acrobat PDF Reader Icon are for whites and 4 Acrobat PDF Reader Icon is for racial and ethnic identify development. The two documents together can create extremely useful interaction about stages of ones development regarding ones racial identity development.

Dimensions of suffering and social oppression Word Document Icon
One of our lab members created this classroom exercise in an attempt to explore this topic. It is not a finished product but a work in progress and you are welcome to think about how you might use it in your work.

Writing Across Borders 
This Oregon State writing center web-page is very helpful.  It also contains information on the film, of the same title,  produced
by these folks.