Best Practices in the Classroom

Help with Teaching

  • Teaching Strategies 
    Synthesis of outstanding sites collected by the University of Michigan with links by topic and discipline.
  • BYU Center for Teaching
    Another wonderful center with practical help for teaching.
  • CTL
    University of Washington Center for Teaching and Learning is a national leader in faculty support and resources. This site is an excellent source, rich with information about teaching effectiveness.
  • McGraw-Hill Teaching Resources
    A very rich and deep resources for all aspects of teaching. This site can be a little intimidating because of the number of resources, but tough it out, the payoff is good.
  • Teaching Meta Cognition: Helping students build from existing cognitive structures to new structures created by learning is an important new area of discussion. John Bransford, in his book How People Learn talks about this and other issues of learning.
  • Center for Instructional Innovation and Assessment
    An exceptional faculty resource webpage from Western Washington University, offers practical, up to date information to help you teach and your students to learn.

Active Learning Resources

  • Active/Cooperative Learning Resources 
    What is cooperative or active learning? This site gives an accurate and useful definition.
  • Cooperative Learning Classroom Techniques 
    This University of Minnesota site gives information, techniques and many other resources for those interested in Cooperative learning.
  • CTL Active Learning Resources 
    More active learning resources from Center for Teaching and Learning, University of Washington.
  • Washington Center - Learning Communities Resources 
    Great national resources for all things learning community. For more information about Learning Communities at Everett contact your Academic Dean.
  • Inclusive Teaching 
    Many of our students feel disenfranchised from the classroom. Information at this site can help you understand what this issue is all about and what you can do to have a positive impact in your classes.
  • Intercultural Communications 
    This Portland, Or. center for the study of intercultural communications is internationally know for their work and resources.
  • Access and Equity  
    Washington Center for Improving the Quality of Undergraduate Education is a center for study and support for issues of access and equity in higher education.
  • Women Faculty 
    Bernice Sandler shares her thoughts on Women Faculty at work in the classroom.
  • North Seattle CC Teaching and Learning Center 
    One of the oldest and best community college teaching and learning centers in the state. Check out their work with the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.

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