Russell Day Gallery



The Russell Day Gallery is pleased to present a group exhibition of new works featuring Former Graduates of Photography, Studio Arts, Ceramics, and Visual Communications Design. The “Visual Arts Alumni Exhibit” will run from March 30 – April 24 2015 with an opening reception Thursday, April 2nd from 6-8:30 p.m.

Twenty alumni students and three faculty will be featured in the show: Phyllis Maslin, Steve Moore, Susan Ringstad Emery, Rick Carroll, Emerald Adams, Scott Jamieson, Regan Stacey , Philip Kramer , Lloyd Weller, Paul Matthaeus, Craig Barber, John Lindstrom, Melissa Holzinger, Debbie Wheeler, Bill Kuder, Susan Emery, Ashley Piper, Leah Griffiths, Christine Byrum, Chris Larson, Dan Rinder, Tara Duffin, and Leah Bradford.

These visual artists represent graduates from 1974-2013. For this show each is presenting the best of their professional and personal work. For example, Craig Barber, Photography, will be showing modern documentary work using “tin type” printing techniques developed over a hundred years ago.  Modern subjects, portrayed in subtle tones of warm black and white become more provocative, the tintypes give historic authenticity to modern subjects.

The visual artists and designers will be present at the opening reception Thursday, Thursday, April 2nd from 6-8:30 p.m