EvCC Sustainable Projects and Programs

Looking for EvCC recycling instructions?

EvCC Battery, CFL, and Cartridge Recycling Service

Batteries 105x120CFL BulbDid you know you can bring in and recycle your used batteries, print cartridges and compact fluorescent lights (FLs) at EvCC for free?

This service is for all EvCC students, staff, faculty and anyone residing in the Everett area.

Just bring any used/unwanted batteries, any type of printer cartridge (yes, we do take toner containers too!) and CFL (Compact fluorescent only please!) to one of the following handy locations:

  • Parks 2nd Floor Outside Bookstore
  • Gray Wolf 1st Floor Lounge
  • Shuksan Hall Second Floor Entryway
  • Olympus 2nd Floor Copy and Work Room Entryway
  • Glacier Mailroom
  • Monte Cristo 2nd Floor /International Education
  • Liberty Hall First Floor Lounge
  • Whitehorse Hall 2nd Floor Entrance/Lounge

Note: NO incandescent bulbs please!

mailboxEvCC "Junk" Mail Project

Since 2009, EvCC's "Junk" Mail Project has reduced the amount of unsolicited mail EvCC receives from 200 lbs a day to less than 10 lbs. Cost savings are accrued from reduced employee time (for sorting "junk" mail) and reduced recycling costs. If you're an EvCC employee, your department is receiving unsolicited or unwanted intercampus mail, click here. Acrobat PDF Reader Icon Questions? email Molly Beeman or call 425-388-9070.

EvCC Paper, Aluminum, Glass and Plastic (Co-Mingled) Recycling

Live GreenRecyclables List Acrobat PDF Reader Icon
EvCC has a comprehensive Co-Mingled (paper, plastics, aluminum and glass) recycling program available in all buildings and at all sites. In 2007, EvCC began to recycle all types of paper. Aluminum, plastic and glass recycling were added later that calendar year. In 2008, EvCC teamed with Waste Managment External Site Link to provide co-mingled recycling. All recyclables (plastic bottles, milk jugs, glass bottles and jars, all non-laminated paper products and aluminum cans) can be placed in convenient blue or green recycling containers in offices, classrooms and near other waste receptacles. The recyclable materials are moved to a central location by a group of EvCC students and volunteers. EvCC custodial services oversees recycling collection. For more information, email Connie Tune, EvCC Custodial Supervisor or call 425-388-9598.

EvCC Food and Yard Waste Composting Programs

CompostheapBeginning in 2009, Everett Community College began composting both food and yard waste. Food waste from the campus kitchen services and the EvCC Early Learning Center kitchen are collected and sent to Cedar Grove Composting. External Site Link

EvCC's Grounds Department also composts all yard and grass waste on campus. Three large tumbler composting bins turn leaves and grass clippings into soil. An industrial chipper makes great flower bed "bark" that naturally decomposes.

EvCC also offers community / residential Christmas Tree disposal for free!!!! (Seasonally). Dates and drop off locations will be published beginning December 20 in the EvCC Sustainability Newsletter.

Cafe Compostables

The Parks Cafe is committed to providing EvCC students and staff with healthy options, sustainable choices, eco-friendly operations and the freshest locally sourced products.  The cafe provides full recycling services of nearly every product, including food waste and uses eco friendly to-go containers that are also compostable via the EvCC composting program through Cedar Grove Recycling.

EvCC Local Food Project/On Campus Garden

Veggierows EvCC is proud to present a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and EvCC Sustainability grant funded garden! Students from Laura Wild's nutrition class and the EvCC Grounds department teamed ups to create this lovely green space just outside EvCC's Whitehorse Hall. Come by and scope it out!