Frequently Asked Questions for ABE, GED, and ESL

How much do the classes cost?

All ABE, GED, and ESL classes cost $25 per quarter per person.

How do you sign up for classes?

To sign up for any of our classes in the Basic and Developmental Education, you must come into RAI 227 to pre-register or call 425-388-9291 to make an appointment for Orientation and Assessment.

Where are classes located and at what times?

We have classes in Arlington, Marysville and Monroe in the evenings and on the Everett Community College campus in the morning and evening.

Can anyone take classes?

Yes anyone can take classes but you must be at least 16 years old.

Do I have to take classes for the GED?

No, you can go online to to start your testing process. The test is $120 for all four subjects.