Paying for College: East County

Financial Aid and Tuition: East County

Need help paying for tuition, fees and books? You have options.

Financial Aid and Other Resources

At the East County Campus, we can answer your general questions about financial aid and help direct you to more resources. For instance, if you are a low-income parent or you have been recently laid off, you may qualify for funding that will assist you in paying for your tuition and books. Stop in and speak with us about BFET (Basic Food and Employment Training) and Opportunity Grant funding.

20/40 Tuition Payment Plan

Great news! The East County Campus is now able to facilitate the 20/40 payment plan for students, allowing you to pay your tuition in three payments instead of one. You can sign up and make your payments in our office. For complete details on how the 20/40 payment plan works, use the link above or call us at 425-259-8732.