The Associate in Business - DTA university transfer degree satisfies general undergraduate requirements for transfer into an economics Bachelor's degree program whether offered through a university, school of arts and sciences or a business school.  This 90 credit program is comprised of the same courses as those offered to students who complete their first 90 credits at a university. 

General Information about Economics

Economics is the study of how people in society choose to allocate resources. At Everett Community College, students will study the collective behavior of businesses and industries, governments and countries, and the globe as a whole. Our courses prepare students for the world around them, and offer interesting and challenging courses as they prepare to work in today’s world.

Students pursuing a business or economics concentration should contact the program advisor when selecting courses. We currently offer courses in Economics 101 – Understanding Economics, Economics 200 – Principles of Macro Economics and also Economics 201 – Principles of Micro Economics.

Generally, students seeking the ATA in Business (both transfer and non transfer) will be required to take economics.

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