Medical Assistant Enrollment

Before You Enroll

The following items must be satisfactorily completed before your first quarter of enrollment:

Student Immunizations

Students are required to submit evidence of immunizations as listed on the Immunizations Checklist Acrobat PDF Reader Icon (page 2). Verification copies (obtained from your healthcare provider) of the following are required prior to enrolling in Health 211 and Health 212:

  • Tuberculin skin test within the past 12 months. If a tuberculin skin test has not been administered in the previous 24 months, 2 such tests may be required. If any of the Tuberculin skin tests are positive, a chest xray with written results and a personal statement of “no symptoms of TB are present” is required from your MD.
  • Hepatitis B Vaccination Series (3 injections plus titer demonstrating immunity)
  • MMR injection and booster completed or positive serology (titer)
  • Diphtheria/Tetanus injection - Tdap is required if tetanus is more than 2 years old.
  • Varicella injections (2 injections) or positive serology (titer)
  • Influenza injections (yearly)

Student Records

It is important while you are attending Everett Community College that your records are kept current. The Health Sciences records office uses the student profile in the Student Kiosk for student correspondence and email. You will need to ensure this information is current at all times. You can change your address, phone number, or email address on your MyEvCC page. If you have changed your program of study since you originally applied for admission, you will need to change your program intent code by contacting Enrollment Service at 425-388-9219 or faxing your request to 425-388-9173 (emails are not accepted).

Submit required materials mentioned above to
Health Sciences Records Office
Everett Community College
2000 Tower Street
Everett, WA  98201