BRIDGES Workshops

Free Fall 2015 Classes and Workshops

  • Pronunciation
    This class will help you improve your English pronunciation. You will learn and practice speech sounds, rhythm, stress and intonation in English. Topics change every quarter.
  • Beginning Grammar
    ​Learn and refresh beginning grammar skills. This class is geared towards lower level students (Levels 1-3), but we welcome all to attend.
  • Advanced Grammar
    Practice advanced grammar concepts in a fun and relaxed learning environment.  Again, all are welcome regardless of level.
  • English Through Life Skills
    ​Learn and apply vocabulary and speaking/listening skills in a variety of practical, every day life contexts such as grocery shopping or banking.  This class is geared towards lower level students (Levels 1-3) but we welcome all students to attend.
  • Computer Basics Workshops
    Computer Basics is a FREE, 11-week workshop series for those with no (or very little) experience using computers. It is highly recommended that students attend every week due to the amount of material that will be covered.

    We will begin with discussing what computers are used for, identifying the parts of a computer, and becoming familiar with the computer keys & where to find things to operate the computer.

    Next, we will work through computer start up, navigating computer functions, creating basic documents (Word, Excel), saving documents using a USB drive, locating files, opening internet browsers, using email, and other basic skills. By the end of the quarter, students should be able to apply for financial aid, scholarships, and jobs - all online!

    For further questions or information, please contact Lisa Marone at 425.322.6723 or

  • All classes are free and open to non-native English speakers interested in working in healthcare, aviation or advanced manufacturing. To register, please fill out this application  and return it to RAI 112 or email it to Chayuda Overby, BRIDGES Director.