RN Refresher Course

Program Announcements

The RN Refresher course will not be held during Summer Quarter 2014.


You! if you have been out of nursing for twenty years or less and if you meet the admissions criteria listed below.


Course: RN Refresher, NURS 270, 16 credits, consisting of 80 hours theory and 160 hours clinical.  (Clinical experience will be held in acute care. Long term care or clinics will only be used as requested by the student and obtained by the student.)

Tuition:  Is set at the regular Washington State Resident Tuition rate of $1,214.58, with a lab fee of $150 which covers classroom supplies and malpractice insurance. Total tuition and fees: $1,364.58, due at time of registration.


We are in the middle of planning the next RN Refresher course to be held Summer 2014. The application deadline is May 31st, in the meantime, pull your records together, update your immunizations and be ready to enroll!


Because of high demand and very limited space, students interested in the RN Refresher course will need to meet all the criteria listed below in order to be selected to interview for acceptance into the course. Completed application packets can be submitted via fax at 425-388-9135, email to healthprofessions@everettcc.edu, with "NURS 270 Application" in the subject line, or by postal service to, Nursing Records Office, Everett Community College, 2000 Tower Street, Everett, WA 98201.  You do not need to take the TEAS test for admission to this course.

If you're interested in the RN Refresher course and would like us to contact you, just fill out this simple inquiry form External Site Link and we will get back to you.

Admission Criteria:

  • You are a graduate of a NLN Accredited School of Nursing.
  • You have an unencumbered Washington State Registered Nurse license or a Washington State Limited Education License with no restrictions.*
  • You have been out of nursing for twenty years or less.
  • Your immunizations are up to date and complete, with titers completed, prior to admission. See Page 3 of the Nursing Curriculum Guide , for a complete list of required immunizations.
  • You have documentation of a current (within the past 12 months) CPR for Health Care Provider certification through the American Heart Association. See Page 3 of the Nursing Curriculum Guide.
  • You have documentation of HIV/Aids training certification (Be sure that your HIV-AIDS Education includes a notation of the seven content areas required by the State of Washington.)
  • You have completed your online background check.
  • You have created your Complio online immunization account  and are compliant in all categories
  • You meet or exceed the Essential Qualifications.
    You return your completed Application Packet, resume of prior work experience and all required documentation.(Application - Part I and Application - Part II are the same as used for our regular nursing program. They can be found in the Nursing Curriculum Guide. Indicate you are applying for NURS 270-RN Refresher. Both applications should be returned in the same packet.)

Applicants who successfully meet the above criteria will be invited to attend a program overview session and interview.

Application Packet Checklist:

Use this handy check list to ensure you have all the required documentation and forms on hand and ready to be submitted for consideration for the course. Incomplete application packets will not be considered.


Nursing Application Part I


Nursing Application Part II


Resume with detailed work history


Transcript showing previous Nursing certifications/degrees


Copy of unencumbered Washington State Registered Nurse license or Washington State Limited Education License with no restrictions*


Immunization records


Copy of CPR card - American Heart Association: Healthcare Provider


Copy of 7 hour Washington State HIV/AIDS Training certification


Copy of Insurance for Personal Injury

*Acquire through the Nursing Commission at 360-236-4700. This license may take several weeks to obtain from the Commission, so apply for it immediately upon deciding you will apply for the Refresher Course. You must have your license in hand by the first day of class.

This project was funded by a grant awarded under the President's Community-Based Job Training Grants, as implemented by the U.S. Department of Labor's Employment & Training Administration.