Getting Started in Nursing

Nursing Students WorkingNursing is an art and a science that requires a high level of both academic and interpersonal qualities. Compassion, caring, critical thinking, clinical judgement making, collaboration, communication, cognitive ability and professional/ethical conduct are requisite to attaining a nursing education and maintaining a nursing license. Self evaluation to determine if these qualities are present is essential as part of the process in determining whether the career of nursing is a good match for you.

The first step on your journey is to thoroughly read the Nursing Curriculum Guide.  Reread this document until you understand and can remember what it says.  Next, attend a Nursing Information Session.  This session will provide career guidance and insight and will help you to begin to plan your pathway to a nursing career.
After taking the college assessment tests, you can begin to plan your General Education courses.  Along the way you’ll establish a nursing file (while in Chem 121) and meet with a Nursing Advisor.  Soon you’ll be well on your way to make application to the Nursing Program.  (Graphic representations of this process are found in  Algorithm – General Education Courses.