Honors - For Faculty

What is the nature of our Honors Program?

Honors is an open-access program.  Students self-identify by earning at least a B in ENGL& 101.  Once they meet the established criteria they will fill out a brief application form and will be automatically accepted into the program.

View the map Acrobat PDF Reader Icon that shows the pathway to leaving EvCC as an Honors Program graduate.

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  • To enhance the probability of successful student transfer after a completion of the transfer degree
  • To instill confidence and pride in academic success
  • To facilitate skills necessary for academic success
  • To build an academic community, assuring retention and sense of connection to the campus
  • To foster intellectual curiosity and the love of learning
  • To promote active learning, critical thinking, and information literacy
  • To create a laboratory for curriculum and instructor development

How can faculty get involved?

Participation is voluntary.  All faculty, whether full-time or associate, are invited.

There are 3 types of courses:

  1. Honors 'HN' section = An Honors section of an existing, high-enrollment transfer-level course - Download the Honors Section Application Acrobat PDF Reader Icon
  2. Honors Contract = Any transfer-level course can be taken for Honors credit by arrangement between a student and an instructor - Download the Honors Class Contract Acrobat PDF Reader Icon
  3. Honors Capstone Project = A directed independent study - Download the Capstone Project Contract Acrobat PDF Reader Icon


Honors Sections Applications

Honors Contracts

Capstone Projects

Is there any extra compensation?

There is a modest sum set aside for faculty involvement in Honors Contracts and Honors Capstone Projects.  HN-section instructors receive no extra compensation.