Engineering Student Story - Jason Kurtz

Jason KurtzHi everyone,

When I reached the top of the pay scale in my machinist job at an Everett manufacturing company, I needed more education to move forward.

I decided to pursue an engineering degree in hopes of becoming an aerospace engineer. Instead of making the parts, someday I will design them.

In my engineering project class, we are designing and building an electric car. We used computer programs to create the design and test things like aerodynamics and strength. We created models using EvCC’s 3D printer. We fabricated some of the parts on campus and built the frame here. We’re now designing the fiberglass body.

The best part is seeing it come together, off the computer screen and into real life. Before I graduate from EvCC in June and transfer to a university to earn my bachelor’s degree, the car will be ready to compete in a regional Electrathon America race.

I went to Everett Community College because it’s just a few blocks from home and the classes are a lot smaller than university classes.

Also, the engineering classrooms at EvCC are new and stocked with equipment and software used in the engineering and manufacturing industries, so the learning experience is relevant.

Starting this fall, you can earn a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Washington State University on EvCC’s campus through the University Center of North Puget Sound.

You can check out our electric car – watch a test drive, see photos and video, and learn more about EvCC’s engineering program

Good luck,
Jason, Class of 2012
May 2012