Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

GIS205#1GIS is a computer-based system for storage, management, analysis, and display of geographic data. Everett Community College (Everett, WA) offers a one-year program culminating in a certificate as a GIS technician. The program includes a 3-quarter sequence of GIS courses, an internship in GIS, a course in Geography, and three elective GIS-related courses.  Certificate programs begin in the Fall and Winter of each year.

What Can I Do With GIS?

Students of GIS gain skills in mapping and spatial database management. These skills are applicable in the following industries:

  • Mapping and 3D visualization
  • Regional and local planning
  • City, state, and federal government
  • Emergency management
  • Asset management
  • Real estate
  • Software development
  • Remote sensing
  • Marketing and retail
  • Public health

An increasing number of industries are recognizing the value and utility of GIS.

Geospatial Technologies

GIS interfaces with a variety of other technologies including remote sensing (mapping with satellite data, LIDAR, etc.), computer programming, GPS (global positioning systems) location technology, online mapping and many others. One purpose of the certificate program is to expose students to each of these technologies and help them visualize how training in GIS can be used as a stand-alone career, or a foundation for pursuing related technological careers.


Because GIS data are location-based, users come from nearly every discipline….physical sciences, social sciences, business, engineering, computer science, and public health. Regardless of your long-term educational/occupational goals, knowledge of GIS will be an asset as you begin your search for employment.

For more information, contact:

Kerry Lyste, GIS Program Advisor
Office: GWH 350
Phone: (425) 388-9381
Or contact the Division Office at 425-388-9387.