The EvCC Humanities program aims to enhance the interdisciplinary integration of learning, thereby promoting engaged, critical, and creative thinking that prepares you for a future that demands breadth as well as depth of preparation.  Cathy N. Davidson and David Theo Goldberg argue, “Engaged Humanities make a contribution to the quality of human life, civic engagement, and public value that is so essential that they deserve maximum support from our universities and our societies.  Humanistic research can produce knowledge as beneficial and urgently needed as anything that comes out of a science lab.”  Furthermore, interdisciplinary study in the Humanities provides you with an arena for the integration of learning during the time when you are meeting your general education requirements, focusing the smorgasbord of general education courses into a more coherent and integrated foundation for your later academic endeavors.

Humanities Alliance

Mission Statement

The Humanities Alliance is an interdisciplinary hub for creative collaboration, organizing programs to explore and promote the role of the arts, culture, sciences, and civic life in shaping a purposeful human existence.