Nippon Business Institute Programs

Located along the beautiful Puget Sound coastline in Everett, Washington, the Nippon Business Institute Japanese Cultural and Resource Center (NBI) is a unique program of Everett Community College. The NBI’s primary mission is to bridge the cultural gap between eastern and western cultures through educational and community programs.  



The NBI provides:

Tsubaki Dancers

  • Instruction in Japanese language, history, culture, social structure, economic issues, communication styles, business protocol, and manga/anime
  • Classes & demonstrations in Japanese arts and crafts including ikebana, cooking, painting, calligraphy, and tea ceremony
  • Seminars & workshops for business professionals, companies, organizations, and agencies
  • Study abroad and internship programs for EvCC students studying Japanese language, history and culture
  • Exchange programs and tours for high school and college students and adults from Japan
  • Exchange programs and tours for community members interested in travel to Japan