IELP - Intensive English Language Program

New Students

The Intensive English Language (IELP) program is designed to give you the English skills you need to succeed in regular college classes. Many of our IEL students have continued their studies and earned degrees from Everett Community College and other colleges and universities.

  • Learn how to use English in regular college courses. In the IELP program, you learn more than just the basics of conversation, reading and writing. You also learn important skills that will help you in your regular courses, such as how to use the Writing Center and how to write an essay.
  • Feel comfortable in our small informal program. Because we have a small international student population, it’s easy to meet American students. You’ll learn how Americans talk in daily life, which will make your English skills more valuable in your career.
  • We will help you succeed. The informal atmosphere and small classes make it easy to meet with your instructors for help with your IEL course. Our international student advisor will assist you before you arrive and while you are here. Her door is open for you.

 "This program helped me get the English skills and knowledge of American culture I needed to be successful in regular classes."

How to Get Started

New students are individually interviewed and tested when they arrive in order to determine which IEL level is best for them. Basic and intermediate students are assigned to a 12-credit program (IELP 070) with classes held four afternoons (Monday – Thursday) per week, with 17 contact hours per week. Special “American Culture” activities and field trips are offered at additional times. Classes include English reading, writing and conversation at different levels. You will also learn American history, current events and social customs while you learn English.

Our emphasis is on preparing you to meet the English writing, reading and speaking requirements of regular college classes. You might also take a physical education class so that you can meet other people and practice your English.

Regular terms are ten or eleven weeks. Most new students are in the IELP 070 program at least two terms, and sometimes three, before advancing to the next level. At the end of each term your progress is evaluated. Your success depends on how hard you work and how often you practice your English!

Continuing Students

After meeting the standards for completion of the IELP 070 class, high-intermediate and advanced students usually continue their enrollment in higher level IELP classes:

  • IELP 093 Academic Reading and Writing I, 12 credits (Effective Winter 2013)
  • IELP 097 Academic Reading and Writing II, 12 credits
  • IELP 098 Introduction to college Reading and Writing I, 5 credits
  • IELP 081 Conversation I, 6 credits
  • IELP 082 Conversation II, 6 credits

Students in these classes may take another college class, such as music, art, typing, math and physical education.

Students may take one or two terms in these intermediate programs before moving into a full schedule of regular college courses.