Counseling, Advising & Career Center

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Our Mission

As professional counselors, we educate and serve students to develop and achieve their academic, career and personal goals. We offer integral support to the campus mission through expertise in student/human development. We provide early intervention and response to complex student and campus needs.

What we offer

Counseling, Advising & Career Center (CACC) offers entry advising for new students as a walk-in service. CACC also has appointments available for currently enrolled or returning students for one-on-one educational and career counseling. Services include: academic/educational counseling for undecided students, career counseling & assessments, transferring information, and free short term personal counseling; as well as referral to community resources to help with college adjustment and success.

Counseling, Advising & Career Center counselors are experienced and trained professionals that provide short term holistic counseling. Counselors also teach Human Development courses on a broad range of topics including: College Success, Career & Life Planning, Stress Management, Overcoming Math Anxiety, and Human Relations in the Workplace.


Academic advising is available for students to provide assistance in class schedule, general transfer advising and unofficial transcript evaluation. If you know which degree you are obtaining, you may look up your faculty advisor to contact them directly. CACC also has counselors available for appointments primarily to advise undecided students and students majoring in Human Services.

Career Counseling & Assessment

Career counseling is available on an individual or group basis. Workshops and Human Development courses to help you clarify your goals, learn the career-planning process, interpret assessment results, and learn career research, decision-making, and job search skills.

Assessments enable you to identify your career interests, learning styles, and personality preferences. Often there is a small fee to cover the assessment costs.

Academic/Educational Counseling

Academic counseling is available for students who are on academic warning or are struggling in their classes and need suggestions for improvement.
Educational counseling includes setting educational goals, improving college success skills (time management, study skills, etc.), choosing a program of study, and/or transferring to another college or university.

Personal Counseling

Personal counseling issues include personal development and adjustment issues such as stress management, loss and grief, assertiveness training, conflict management, emotional stress, leadership skills, and interpersonal communication skills.

Counselors can also refer you to other on-campus and off-campus resources including community services and mental health agencies.

Urgent Counseling

Counselors can help if you are experiencing barriers that are immediately impacting your ability to be successful in school.