Our Philosophy

What is Our Philosophy?

The Early Learning Center operates as a part of the Family Life and Early Childhood Education Departments at Everett Community College. The center’s organization is based upon a cooperative model where families and center staff work together to achieve a quality early childhood program.

We value the cooperative nature of our program by demonstrating mutual respect, understanding and communication with each other. 

ELC teachers respond to each child’s individual needs by providing warm and responsive communication, gentle guidance and positive learning opportunities. They model and communicate caring, respect, responsibility and appreciation of our diverse community. 

We provide an environment and interactions that support children in becoming eager learners, creative thinkers, confident problem solvers and sensitive, compassionate human beings.

Family Involvement

We believe families are a child’s first and most important teachers, and do our best to be respectful partners in children’s care and education. We see the early learning years as a remarkable and exciting time to be involved in the life of a child.

Families stay involved in the care and education of their children through parent education classes and volunteering in their child’s classroom, where they also build relationships with teachers and each other.

Children at the Early Learning Center also benefit from the participation of Early Childhood Education students, student work study participants, as well as student and community volunteers.