EvCC Card - Financial Aid

Now get your financial aid electronically using the EvCC Card. This new financial aid service is the quickest way to receive your money.
Your options:

1. Get financial aid directly on to your card

  • Basic account – Keep it simple with a basic account. With this option receive your money directly on your EvCC Card and use your money anywhere Debit MasterCard is accepted, or withdraw funds for free at any U.S. Bank or MoneyPass ATM. This option does not require a Social Security number.
  • Deluxe account - Add some extra features to your basic account with a Deluxe account. You’ll be able to load money onto your EvCC Card from other sources, such as your other existing bank accounts, and you’ll establish a new U.S. Bank account. This option requires a Social Security number.

2. Get your money using Direct Deposit (ACH)

Direct Deposit is also a service with the EvCC Card. You’ll be presented with this option when you register your EvCC Card on the card registration website. 

How to sign up

Benefits of electronic disbursement

  • It’s fast and convenient – You can receive your funds within 24 hours from the time issued on your EvCC Card or within 3 to 5 days from the time issued if you choose direct deposit.
  • It can save you money – If you do not have a bank account and have had to use check-cashing services – which often charge hefty fees – to cash your financial aid check, receiving your funds onto to your EvCC Card allows you to access them immediately, with few fees (click here for the EvCC Card fee schedule). 

Get complete details on the Financial Aid website.