EvCC Card - About Your Card

Choose to Activate the U.S. Bank Prepaid Debit MasterCard® Account!

You have the option of activating the U.S. Bank Prepaid Debit MasterCard® feature of your EvCC Card so that it can be used to make purchases on campus and anywhere debit MasterCard is accepted. There’s no enrollment fee, no monthly service fee and no minimum balance requirement.  Certain fees may apply to the use of the Card.  You can use it at more than 1.5 million ATMs globally. 

In addition, when you activate your U.S. Bank Prepaid Debit MasterCard account, you will receive any eligible school refunds directly to your EvCC Card

You will be able to activate your account when you receive your EvCC Card at The Paperclip, PSU 209. 

To learn more about the U.S. Bank Prepaid Debit MasterCard, visit http://usbankcampuscardinfo.com

U.S. Bank Prepaid Debit MasterCard Activation Instructions

Activating is easy! Follow the instructions below to activate your account. 

  1. Before you start
    Have the last 4 digits of your Student ID number, permanent address and EvCC Card in hand. You will also need you social security number if you choose to register for a Deluxe account. 
  2. Visit www.everettcc.edu/evcccard
    Click Register or Manager Your Card link to begin. Then click on the New User - Register Now link.
  3. Cardholder Registration
    Follow the instructions using the 16 digit EvCC Card number and 3 digit security code on the card, Student ID Number and card registration code (it’s the last four digits of your Student ID number).
  4. Fill in your personal information
    You’re at the activation site, follow the easy step-by-step instructions.
  5. To manage your account after it is activated, log onto www.everettcc.edu/evcccard.
    Please remember your username and password