2010-2011 Men's Basketball Profiles

Jibri Robinson
Jersey: # 1
Years Playing: 10 years
Year in School: Freshman
High School & Graduating Year: Evergreen High School, 2010
Hometown: Seattle, WA
Positions:  Shooting Guard
Height: 5’11
Major: Business
Career Goal: AA, Transfer to a 4 year
Other Interests/ Hobbies: Cooking, working with children
Last School Attended:     Evergreen HS

Bryan Koch
Jersey:  # 5
Years Playing:   7 years
Year in School:   Sophomore
High School & Graduating Year:   Henry M. Jackson High School, 2009
Hometown:   Mill Creek, WA
Positions:   Guard, Forward
Height:   6’2
Major:   Undecided
Career Goal:  Undecided
Last School Attended:     EvCC

Jacob Landrus
Jersey:  # 10
Years Playing:   1 year
Year in School:   Freshman – Basketball,  Sophomore - School
High School & Graduating Year:   Deer Park High School, 2005
Hometown:   Deer Park, WA
Positions:   Guard
Height:   6’0
Major:   Business
Career Goal:   Water Tectonics
Other Interests/ Hobbies:   XBOX
Last School:   Spokane Falls CC

Rickey Mason
Jersey: # 12
Years Playing: 20
Year Eligibility: Freshman     Year in School:  Sophomore
High School & Graduating Year: West Anchorage High School, 2004
Hometown: Anchorage, HS
Positions: Point Guard
Height: 6’1
Major: Computer Science
Career Goal: Finish Associates
Honors: Won state Championship - HS
Other Interests/ Hobbies: Internet, Reading
Last School Attended:   Clark College  

Ryon Cunnigan
Jersey:  # 20
Years Playing:  13 Years
Year in School:   Freshman
High School & Graduating Year:   Juanita High School, 2010
Hometown:   Kirkland, WA
Positions:   Point Guard & Shooting Guard
Height:   6’1
Major:   Fire Science
Career Goal:   Fire Fighter
Honors:   High School 1st team, All Kingco, Kingco All star, MVP,
Other Interests/ Hobbies:   Video Games
Last School:   Juanita HS

Drew Haugstad
Jersey:   # 22
Years Playing:   13
Year in School:   Freshman
High School & Graduating Year:   Stanwood High School, 2010
Hometown:   Stanwood, WA
Positions:   Guard
Height:   5’11
Major:   Math/ Education
Career Goal:   Math Teacher/ Coach
Honors:   WESCO 2nd team - HS
Last School Attended:     Stanwood HS

Daniel Wruble
Jersey: # 23
Years Playing: 11 years
Year in School: Freshman
High School & Graduating Year: Sammamish High School, 2010
Hometown: Bellevue, WA
Positions: Point Guard
Height: 5’11
Major: Business
Career Goal: Be able to play as long as possible
Honors: 2nd Team all league, Honorable Mention, Team Captain - 2 years
Other Interests/ Hobbies: Hanging with Friends
Last School Attended:    Sammamish HS

Jake Mattson
Jersey:  # 30
Years Playing:  15
Year in School:   Freshman
High School & Graduating Year:   Everett High School, 2007
Hometown:   Everett, WA
Positions:   Guard
Height:   6’2
Major:   Business
Career Goal:   Undecided
Other Interests/ Hobbies:   Watching Basketball, video games  
Last School Attended:    EvCC

Hanley Shum
Jersey: # 32
Years Playing: 5
Year in School: Freshman
High School & Graduating Year: Renton High, 2010
Hometown: Renton, WA
Positions: Point Guard
Height: 6’0
Major: AA
Career Goal: Play on the Next Level  
Other Interests/ Hobbies: Sleeping, Fast Cars
Last School Attended:  Renton HS

Aaron Matzen
Jersey: # 33
Years Playing: 14 years
Year in School: Sophomore
High School & Graduating Year:  Lynnwood High School, 2009
Hometown: Lynnwood, WA
Positions: Guard, Forward
Height: 6’2
Major: Business
Career Goal: Undecided
Honors:   NWAACC All-Academic Sports Team - EvCC, 2010-11; Team Captain - EvCC, 2010-11; 1st Team All-Wesco South - HS; Honor Roll - HS; Student of the Year - HS, 2009; Edmonds School District Academic Athlete Award - HS; Cliff Gillies Award - HS
Last School:   EvCC

Berkley Nilles
Jersey: # 34
Years Playing: 12
Year in School: Freshman
High School & Graduating Year: North Kitsap High School, 2010
Hometown: Poulsbo, WA
Positions: Guard, Forward
Height: 6’2
Major: Undecided
Career Goal:  Undecided
Last School Attended:    North Kitsap HS

Jamieson McDaniels
Jersey: # 40
Years Playing:  12 years
Year in School: Freshman
High School & Graduating Year: Cascade High School, 2010
Hometown: Everett, WA
Positions: Shooting Forward, Power Forward, Center
Height: 6’2
Major: History
Career Goal: Become a History Teacher
Honors:  Dennis Myer’s Player of the Year, Marine Athletic Achievement Award
Other Interests/ Hobbies: Football, Baseball Music
Last School Attended:  Cascade HS

Devin Andrews
Jersey:   # 42
Years Playing:   15 years
Year in School:   Freshman
High School & Graduating Year:   West Seattle High School, 2010
Hometown:   Auburn, WA
Positions:   Center, Wing
Height:   6’7
Major:   Undecided
Career Goal:    Undecided
Other Interests/ Hobbies:   Making Music  
Last School Attended:    West Seattle HS

Mike McDaniels
Jersey: # 44
Years Playing: 14 years
Year in School:  Sophomore
High School & Graduating Year: Cascade High School, 2006
Hometown: Everett, WA
Positions: Guard, Forward
Height: 6’3
Major: Undecided
Career Goal:  Undecided
Last School Attended:     EvCC