EvCC Card - Financial Aid

You have options for getting your financial aid: ACH to your exisitng account, by check or get your financial aid electronically—have it deposited directly onto your EvCC Card. This new  financial aid service is by far the quickest way to receive your money. More about the EvCC Card.

How to sign up 

  • Pick up your EvCC Card today in the Paperclip, Parks Student Union, Room 203.
  • Register the card online at https://EvCC.campuscardcenter.com 
  • Choose your disbursement preference.

Choose the disbursement preference that is best for you:

1. Get your financial aid by Direct Deposit (ACH) to your existing bank account

If you like the idea of receiving your money electronically, but not on your EvCC Card, you may also choose Direct Deposit. To sign up for this option, you’ll still need to pick up your EvCC Card and register it. Direct Deposit will be presented as an option on the card registration website. Funds will appear within 3 to 5 business days.

2. Get your financial aid by check

You may continue to receive your financial aid by check via the U.S. mail. You can pick up your EvCC Card, register it, and select to get your aid via check. This is the faster way to get your aid via check. You should recieve your check in about a week.

3. Get your financial aid on your EvCC Card

Option 1- Get a basic account
Keep it simple with a basic account. With this option, you receive your money directly onto your EvCC Card and use your money anywhere Debit MasterCard is accepted or withdraw funds for free at any U.S. Bank or MoneyPass ATM. Only Everett Community College is authorized to deposit money onto your card with this option, and a social security number is not required to sign up. Funds will appear within 24 hours from the time issued.

Option 2 –Get a deluxe account
Add some extra features to your basic account and go deluxe! Opting for a deluxe account means you’ll be able to load money onto your EvCC Card from other sources such as your other existing bank accounts, and you’re establishing a new bank account with US Bank in the process. A social security number is required to sign up for a deluxe account. Funds will appear within 24 hours from the time issued.

Or you can take no action. If you don't register your EvCC Card, we'll automatically assume you prefer recieving a paper check. Your check will be mailed the next business day after release. You can expect to receive your check in about a week. Keep in mind that U.S. Bank issues and mails checks from out-of-state.


You may sign up for electronic financial aid disbursement any time. If you’re expecting to receive your aid at the beginning of the quarter, you must have your disbursement method chosen at least one week prior to the first day of the quarter. If you haven’t made a choice for electronic disbursement, you will automatically receive your money via paper check in the mail from U.S. Bank.

Benefits of receiving financial aid electronically

  • It’s fast and convenient – No more waiting up to 2 weeks for the mail to deliver your check, then making the trip to a bank to deposit it, and waiting again for the bank to clear the deposited funds. You can receive your funds within 24 hours on your EvCC Card or 3 to 5 days if you choose direct deposit. 
  • It’s more secure – Receiving your financial aid electronically eliminates the risk of your check getting delayed, lost in the mail or stolen, preventing you from buying books or paying bills. 
  • It saves you money – If you do not have a bank account and have had to use check-cashing services to cash your financial aid check, receiving your funds onto your EvCC Card allows you to access them immediately, with no fees in almost all cases. 


How do I change my disbursement preference?
You can change the way you receive your financial aid disbursement (see options above) at any time.

How do I get my EvCC Card if I’m in an online class?
You must visit campus in person to receive your EvCC Card, even if you’re enrolled in online courses. EvCC Card requires photo identification which is why this is required. If you cannot come to campus in person, you will continue to receive your financial aid disbursement as a paper check. 

How do I update or verify my mailing address if I’m expecting to receive my check in the mail? 
Change your address online  or contact Everett Community College Enrollment Services at 425-388-9219. The college will mail your check to this address if you’ve updated it prior to the check being mailed.

What should I do if my paper check is lost in the mail or stolen?
Paper checks are issued and mailed to you directly from U.S. Bank. If you suspect your check is lost or stolen, report it by calling EvCC Card customer service at 1-888-833-8693. Choose the option to discuss a disbursement. An attempt will be made to place a stop payment on your check and the customer service representation will inform you about the options available. 

What should I do if my paper check was mailed to the wrong address?
If your check has already been mailed to the wrong address, call EvCC Card customer service at 1-888-833-8693 and choose the option to discuss a disbursement. You will be given options to change your disbursement preference or to have a replacement check mailed to the correct address.

My bank information was incorrectly provided when I signed up for direct deposit. What should I do?
You may update your direct deposit information by logging in to the card registration site. You should expect to wait up to 5 business days to receive your disbursement after updating your bank account information.

Has the date when Financial Aid is disbursed changed due to the EvCC Card? 
No. However, the time it takes to process payments after funds are disbursed has changed. You have several choices for receiving your aid, and the time it takes you to get your aid depends on the method you choose. See above for information about the timeframe for each way you can get your aid.

Why can't the Financial Aid office disburse funds earlier?
Due to state and federal regulations, the Financial Aid office must check grades to make sure students are eligible for aid. If there are discrepancies when grades are checked (for instance you are eligible for full-time Financial Aid but you've only enrolled in five credits), aid won't be disbursed until the issue is resolved.