Financial Aid Portal

A student needs to have submitted a FAFSA before they will be able to log into the Financial Aid Portal.

The Financial Aid and Scholarships Office has transitioned to paperless notifications. It is the student's responsibility to check the Portal regularly. The portal allows students to view their financial aid status and award.

Note: If you see 'Award Letter' in the section titled, "Information We Need from You" please note this is notification of your award and requires no action.

How to login:

  • Username = Social Security Number
  • Password = Date of Birth, enter it in the mmddyy format, with no slashes
  • Select Award Year after logging into the Portal

 *** READ ABOVE BEFORE YOU LOGIN ***  Click here to login into the Financial Aid Portal 

The Financial Aid Portal will allow you to view the following:

  • My Awards: View your financial aid awards.
  • Additional Information: See personalized messages from the Financial Aid Office.
  • Information We Need From You: See what documentation you are required to submit.

           Dates in 'date received' field indicate when the item was submitted.

  • Note: 'empty' indicates no data to report at this time

IMPORTANT: Close the browser when you are finished!
In order to protect the confidentiality of your records, you must logout and exit the browser software when you are finished. Exiting will erase your records, so the next person using this computer cannot view them.

By logging on this Student Services application, you are certifying that the information you both enter and access belongs to you, the student. Logging in with someone else's information constitutes improper use of this system and is a violation of state and federal privacy laws.