Washington Administrative Codes

WAC 132E-120-110 
EvCC Student Rights and Responsibilities
WAC 132E-120-300 
Appeals of Disciplinary Action General
WAC 132E-120-120 
Academic Affairs
WAC 132E-120-310 
Student Conduct Committee Hearing Procedures
WAC 132E 120-130 
Students as Research Subjects
WAC 132E-120-320 
Evidence Admissible in Hearings
WAC 132E-120-140 
Right to Due Process
WAC 132E-120-330 
Decision by Student Conduct Committee
WAC 132E-120-150 
Student Affairs
WAC 132E-120-340 
Final Appeal
WAC 132E-120-160 
Disclosure of Student Information
WAC 132E-120-350 
Readmission After Dosmissal
WAC 132E-120-170 
EvCC Distribution of Literature Procedures
WAC 132E-120-360 
Academic Grievance Procedure
WAC 132E-120-180 
Everett Community College
Student Conduct Code - Statement of Purpose
WAC 132E-120-370 
Student Affairs
Grievance Procedure
WAC 132E-120-190 
EvCC General Policies Concerning Student Conduct
WAC 132E-120-380 
Equal Opportunity - Title IX
WAC 132E-120-200 
Authority of Request Identification
WAC 132E-120-385 
Equal Opportunity - Title IX Procedures
WAC 132E-120-210 
EvCC Student Conduct - Authority and Responsibility
WAC 132E-120-390 
Hazing Policy
WAC 132E-120-220 
Student Conduct Code - Violations
WAC 132E-120-400 
Drug-Free Campus Policy
WAC 132E-120-230 
EvCC Student Conduct Code - Sanctions for Violations
WAC 132E-120-410 
Tobacco Use Policy
WAC 132E-120-240 
Student Conduct - Initial Disciplinary Procedures
Loss of Eligibility - Student Athletic Participation
WAC 132E-120-250 
Summary Suspension - Purpose and Proceedings
WAC 132E-400-010 
Grounds for Ineligibility
WAC 132E-120-260 
Notice of Summary Suspension
WAC 132E-400-020 
Suspension Procedure - Right to Informal Hearing
WAC 132E-120-270 
Summary Suspension for Failure to Appear
WAC 132E-400-030 
WAC 132E-120-280 
Appeals from Summary Suspension Hearing
WAC 132E-400-040 
WAC 132E-120-290 
Student Conduct Committee