Artist: Peter Richards

Artist Statement: "Many aspects of our lives are quantifiable and can be represented as data. What we eat, where we go, to whom we talk, and what we buy are all influenced by external conditions which are also measureable. The most basic influences result from the relative positions of the sun, earth and moon. This artwork shows 52 years of tidal activity in this area juxtaposed with an EKG reading of generic origin. Sea level rise is graphed in dark blue in the lower portion of the image."

Location: Liberty Hall

Related Information: DATA was commissioned through the Washington State Art in Public Places Program and as such is part of the Washington State Arts Commission Collection. 

DATA consists of two components located at Liberty Hall, two exterior stainless steel sculptural benches and an exterior graphic.

The graphic will interpret the 55-year tidal history of Everett (55 years equals the amount of time the college has been at its current location). The panels, high-resolution digital images printed on recycled aluminum sheets, will be mounted on the north fascia of Liberty Hall with an overall dimension of approximately 210-feet long by 14-inches high. The images include an overlay of the same EKG image used for the benches and will show sea level rise over this same period.

The forms of the benches are derived from an oscilloscope trace of a human heartbeat (EKG). Multiples of a human heartbeat trace will be fabricated out of stainless steel pipe and joined to create each bench. The benches will be installed in an L-shaped configuration, anchor bolted to the sidewalk, and will be approximately 48-inches high by 14-feet 4-inches long (seat height will be roughly 17-inches).

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