Campus Resources

Title IX Coordinator

The Title IX Coordinator is available to provide you with campus support resources, interim measures, and to connect you with local resources.  Examples of interim measures including working with faculty and staff to provide reasonable accommodations, issuing a no contact directive between two Everett Community College members (i.e. two students), preventing them from having any contact with you, etc.  The Title IX Coordinator can also arrange for a member from a community resource (such as Domestic Violence Services) to meet with you on campus in a space you are familiar and comfortable with.  The same is true if you choose to file a report with local police; the Title IX Coordinator and/or Campus Safety & Security can arrange for a police officer to meet with you on campus to provide your report.  

The Title IX Coordinator can also talk with you about your reporting options.  For more information, please review our What to Expect When Reporting page or contact the Title IX Coordinator directly at 425-388-9271 or  

Campus Safety & Security

Campus Safety & Security to respond to any crisis 24/7, 365 days a year.  To report an immediate issue, please contact Campus Safety & Security directly at 425-388-9990,, or Parks Student Union Room 224.  

Campus Safety & Security can also provide you with an escort to and from your car, office, or classroom.  If you prefer, a Security Officer can be in the area that you will be in however not directly walking with you - for example, a Security Officer can be walking through the campus parking lot that you park in when you arrive and watch from a distance to ensure that you safely arrived at your on-campus destination.  

Campus Security Officers are trained officers however they are not police officers.  Reporting an issue to the Campus Safety & Security office does not mean that they will automatically report the matter to local law enforcement.  While true, if there is imminent harm to you (i.e. self-harm) or others (armed person) within the campus community, Campus Safety & Security may be required to report this to law enforcement.  For more information, please contact the Campus Safety & Security Office (425-388-9990 or or Title IX Coordinator (425-399-9271 or  

Campus Counseling

Campus Counseling is available and free for currently enrolled students or returning students.  The counselors are experienced and trained professionals that provide confidential, short-term holistic counseling.  They also teach Human Development courses on a broad range of topics including: Career and Life Planning, Stress Management, Overcoming Anxiety, and Human Relations in the Workplaces.  In addition to short term counseling, campus counselors can help connect students to local counselors for long-term support.  

To schedule an appointment call 425-388-9263, email, or go to Counseling & Student Success on the third floor of Parks Student Union.  

Urgent Counseling is available during operating hours and is intended for those who are experiencing barriers that are immediately impacting your ability to be successful in school.  Urgent Counseling can be requested by calling 425-388-9168.   


Students and employees are welcome to have a support person with them when meeting with Campus Safety & Security, the Title IX Coordinator or investigators, or other college official.  Everett Community College recognizes that experiencing sexual misconduct or discrimination is both difficult and complex.  Having someone you know and trust with you can help can make a world of difference.  Your advocate or support person may not speak on your behalf, however they can provide you with support, suggest taking breaks if and when needed, and help you remember questions or concerns that you wanted to ensure are addressed.  If you need help identifying someone who can serve as your advocate or support person, please contact the Title IX Coordinator (425-388-9271 or, or Diversity & Equity Center (425-388-9306 or