Aviation Program Outcomes

Outcomes occur at multiple levels.

Collegewide, students work to achieve the Everett Community College Core Learning Outcomes.

All Workforce Training Programs prepare students to be job ready: technically competent, ethically grounded, and skilled in collaboration and workplace norms.

To achieve these broader outcomes, students in Aviation work toward these Program Outcomes.

Aviation Program Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate Aviation Maintenance Skills, prepare for the FAA Airframe and Powerplant certification or to be technically competent in Airframe and Powerplant Maintenance.
  2. Communicate both in writing and verbally about aviation maintenance concepts and processes using technical terms, to both professional and administrative audiences.
  3. Apply appropriate technical and problem solving skills in the context of their work.
  4. Work as an effective and dependable team member, as well as independently.
  5. Demonstrate how and when to self-start, especially in learning and seeking new knowledge in an ever-changing field.
  6. Research and acquire data that demonstrates their ability to correctly interpret and apply technical information to insure continued airworthiness.
  7. Operate ethically, integrating FAA regulations, company rules and policies, and individual decision- making.
  8. Demonstrate safe work habits that reflect concern and care for self, others, and the continued airworthiness of aircraft.
  9. Develop the skills and experience necessary to secure employment including development of documents and skills necessary for job search.