English Preparation Program

Our English Preparation Program is designed to give you the English skills you need to succeed in college level classes. Many of our students have continued their studies and earned Associate degrees from Everett Community College and have gone on to earn Bachelor Degrees from top ranking colleges and universities throughout the USA.

In our English Preparation Program, you learn more than just the basics of conversation, reading and writing. You also learn important skills that will help you in your college level courses and become familiar with college services; such as how to use the Writing Center and how to write a college level essay.

We will help you succeed.

Small class sizes make it easy to meet one-on-one with your instructors for help with coursework.

After only two levels of Intensive English you will be able to take a college level class. After two levels of Advanced English you will be eligible to take English 101. Placement into one of the four levels is determined by either submission of TOEFL or IELTS (not required)  or test results upon completion of our COMPASS test and writing sample during orientation.

How to Get Started

As a new student your language will be individually tested here on campus during your orientation. This test is not pass or fail, but will help us determine which class level is best for you to start out in.

New Classes as of Fall 2015

Level 1:  Intensive English - 18 credits

     Five (5) courses covering listening/speaking, grammar, reading, writing and one (1) selective class of your choice.

Level 2:  Intensive English - 18 credits

     Five (5) courses covering listening/speaking, grammar, reading, writing and one (1) selective class of your choice.

Level 3:  Advanced English - 12 credits

Three (3) courses covering listening/speaking, grammar, reading, writing. At this level you may choose to take your first (1) college level class and start earning credits toward your Associate Degree. Many students take courses such as music, art, typing, math and physical education.

Level 4:  Advanced English - 5 credits

One (1) course focusing on reading and writing in preparation for College level English, English 101. At this level you will need to take additional college level classes to have enough credits (12-18 credits) to maintain your immigration status and to continue your progress toward graduation.

Everett CC Offers four quarters annually (January, March, June and September). Each quarter runs ten or eleven weeks, except for our summer quarter in June which is eight weeks.