Study Abroad in Indonesia Program

EvCC student Elizabeth Kennedy picks tea leaves on a tour of a tea plantation in Java, Indonesia in June 2014.

Study Abroad in Indonesia - 2015

Travel to Indonesia with EvCC for a two-week adventure in central Java. Details about the 2015 trip coming soon, but the 2014 trip included overnight excursions to the Bromo volcano and Hindu Javanese highlands, to Blitar to see ancient Javanese temples, and to the Indian Ocean. And a candlelight dinner in a temple.

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2014 Travel Schedule (2015 schedule will be posted in Spring 2015)

Indonesia Bromo Indonesia Macaque Indonesia Fisherman
Day Activity
June 14 Arrival Orientation and Welcome Dinner Performance
June 15 Morning Classes (Indonesian Language & Culture).
Afternoon meeting with local hosts for Malang city tour and urban exploration.
June 16 Morning Classes (Indonesian Language & Economics)
Afternoon visits to family small industries in Malang (Batik production)
Evening - Free to explore with local hosts
June 17 Morning Classes (Indonesian Language & Religion)
Afternoon Visits to Candi Singosari temple & Tea Plantation
Evening: Optional Excursion to Mount Kawi Javanese Mystic Site
June 18 Morning travel to Rural Pasantren & Village Church, stopping by Sugar Factory & Sugar Cane Fields
Afternoon travel to Blitar Javanese Town & Blitar town exploration
Evening: Optional Candlelight Dinner at Ancient Panatela temple
June 19 Morning visit to Candi Panataran temple
Afternoon visit to Sukarno Grave and Museum
Evening Ramayana performance
June 20 Morning visit to Balekambang Hindu Temple
Afternoon exploration of Fishing Villages, swimming in Indian Ocean
Evening campfire on Beach
June 21 Morning swimming early, and visit to Candi Jago ancient temple to introduce Tengger culture and Brahma's cauldron story
Afternoon free with hosts in Malang
Evening free
June 22 Morning lecture at Ma Chung Campus on farming culture and communities
Afternoon introduction to Batu community and pairing with Batu host families
Evening community performance
June 23 Morning farming visit with Batu host families
Afternoon thank you ceremony and reflections
Evening free in Malang
June 24 Morning Courses (Indonesian Language & Tengger Culture and History)
Afternoon lecture at Brawijaya University on volcano geology, visiting geology display
Evening free
June 25 Morning travel to Tengger mountains
Afternoon cultural exploration of Tengger culture, economy and religion
June 26 Morning exploration of Bromo caldera
Afternoon return travel to Malang
Evening free
June 27 Afternoon host activities and meet the press
Evening thank you dinner and award sharing celebration
June 28 Departure from Java to the United States or Bali, via Surabaya Airport
June 29 Optional Solo (south central Java) Excursion. 3-day tour. See a Majapahit empire temple and the first discovered Homo Erectus site.