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Spring 2013

Fast Track Nursing

So, you want to be a nurse? This accelerated path Learning Community combines Chemistry 121 and Biology 211 into one integrated course. Designed primarily for pre-nursing/pre-dental hygiene students, the course offers full immersion into the fundamentals necessary for success in upper level science courses and nursing/dental hygiene. Students will learn chemistry and biology in an integrated approach, and be eligible to move into Biology 231, Human Anatomy, after one quarter.

OPTION #1 (Labs Monday and Tuesday afternoons)

BIOL& 211 LC1 – Majors Cellular (5 credits)
CHEM& 121 LC1 – Introduction to Chemistry (5 credits)
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OPTION #2 (Labs Wednesday and Thursday afternoons)

BIOL& 211 LC2 – Majors Cellular (5 credits)
CHEM& 121 LC2 – Introduction to Chemistry (5 credits)
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Decoding Deviance and Desire

Understanding the world of the 21st century demands knowledge and understanding of the human mind; this class will approach all the major psychological perspectives – with a special emphasis on contemporary viewpoints – to develop a thorough understanding of the behaviors on the continuum that society considers “normal, abnormal, and disordered.” Writing includes APA citation format, with heavy emphasis on critical thinking by application of contemporary psychological content and modern research. Students will explore, analyze, and write, in an integrated learning environment, for Psychology 100 and English 101D credit.

ENGL& 101 LC – English Composition (5 credits)
PSYC& 100 LC – General Psychology (5 credits)
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ORCA: Ocean Research College Academy

ORCA is EvCC’s early college, designed to meet high school graduation requirements and the Associate in Arts and Sciences degree requirements. Students are dually enrolled in EvCC’s Running Start Program support by their sponsoring high school. Core general education courses are integrated through the study of the local marine environment. This full-time, interdisciplinary program weaves math, science, English and history classes together in a dynamic mix of problem-based learning, complemented by frequent field trips and quarterly research projects assessing the health of the local estuarine environment.

This program requires a year-long commitment in order to complete all coursework. Classes are taught by a team of faculty and all classes must be taken together. Classes are located at the Port of Everett Marina, and are scheduled from 9am to 2:15pm (plus 2-3 later-afternoon field trips).

Courses in this unique and nationally-recognized program lead to an Associate in Arts and Sciences – DTA (the university transfer degree). Instructor permission is required. Visit the ORCA homepage or contact Ardi Kveven at akveven@everettcc.edu for more information.