The Theory of Everything

Artist: Fernanda D'Agostino

Artist Statement: "In the 'Theory of Everything Plaza' a series of 'wire form' sculptures based on ideas currently being explored in contemporary physics animates the public space. The intriguing forms of waves, particle physics, worm holes, black holes and String Theory have inspired a series of sculptures that embody the excitement and viability of both our physical universe, and of the creative minds that are uncovering its secrets. The shapes relate to contemporary physics but at the same time the ideas of dynamic transformation that they express make a good metaphor for the creative process. For years, I've used the form of the funnel as a way to illustrate the creative process. Experience, emotion, and information are drawn together through the gravitational pull of the imagination, where they are distilled and transformed into something marvelous."

Location: Whitehorse Hall

Related Information: The Theory of Everything is part of the Washington State Art Collection and the Art in Public Places program.

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