Music Department

Singing Students Students interested in pursuing music studies at EvCC will find a number of opportunities in private instruction and foundation coursework in music appreciation, history and theory. Our instructors bring a wealth of diverse skills and approaches to their teaching.

Career Options

Individuals with a background in music perform in instrumental groups including symphonies, dance bands, small ensembles, jazz bands, as well as solo performances. Anyone can benefit from vocal training as it builds self confidence, communication skills, and the ability to project effectively when speaking to groups. Other career possibilities include music production and engineering, composition and scoring for films, conducting, music therapy, music business/management, teaching in schools, and giving private lessons.  

Program Outcomes

Students successfully completing a degree with an emphasis in Music at EvCC will satisfy specific program outcomes.  Students will be able to:

  • Critically evaluate musical or theatrical performances, using terminology specific to the discipline.
  • Describe the historical, social, and aesthetic context of theatrical or musical works.
  • Demonstrate skills and technical proficiency in a selected area of performance (acting, vocal music or instrumental music).
  • Demonstrate performance skills through participation in student recitals or theatrical productions.