Photographers are attracted to the act of "seeing". Using the camera to capture light as it shapes a subject; the image values presented on film or sensor; the beauty, intrigue and challenge of forms that ultimately compose an image. These are some of the elements that attract artists and practitioners to photography.

The photography program integrates the study of design, critical thinking, creativity, and technology into an exploration of the medium that is both personal and global in breadth. The curriculum begins with a thorough foundation in the tools of visual communication and ends with effective strategies for portfolio presentation. Along the way, students study and apply the principles of camera, printing theory and practice, black and white and experimental digital processes, studio lighting, history of photography, compositing, and color theory.

Graduates earning their AFA or AAS are prepared to continue in an advanced university or art institute program, produce important personal work using contemporary skills and creative applications, or pursue entrance-level work in a variety of business opportunities.

Program Outcomes

Students successfully completing a degree  with an emphasis in photography will satisfy the program outcomes that are common to the Visual Arts.