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GRAPH 110 - Foundations of Graphic Design 

Fundamental components of graphic design principles are incorporated with problem definition to provide students with experiences in the ideation, research, execution and presentation of projects. Students will develop an understanding of the elements and principles of graphic design and how to use color and form to visualize ideas in a unique and compelling way.

GRAPH 113 - Graphic Design and Typography

Study of design concepts introducing formal compositional issues, including layout design with typography. Focuses on letter-form as image and the relationship between visual and verbal language. Type terminology, technical hierarchy and scale are addressed. Prerequisites: GRAPH 110 with a grade of C or higher or instructor permission.

GRAPH 115 - Infographic Design

Create symbols, icons, maps, charts, diagrams, interactive and motion graphics that blend typography, audio and graphic design. Emphasis is on informative graphics that can be shared in print and across Internet and media platforms.Prerequisites: GRAPH 110 or concurrent enrollment in GRAPH 113, or instructor permission.

GRAPH 118 - Design Process

Introduction to a three-step creative problem solving process to explore the development of new ideas in graphic design. Exploring design problems (Inquire), developing ideas (Ideate) and producing graphical products (Implement.) Creation of visual tools to track the creative process from idea through construction and then to post-production analysis using discussions, critiques, course exercises, and visual logs. Prerequisites: GRAPH 110 with a grade of C or higher or instructor permission.

GRAPH 120 - History of Graphic Design

(TE) Survey of graphic design history through slide lectures and integrated design projects. Provides an overview of the origins of visual and written communication, the development of graphic design and its evolution through international, social, political, and technological developments since 1450. Emphasis on printed work from 1880 to 1990 and new media design to the present day.

GRAPH 130 - Beginning Web Pages

Beginning course in web page construction. Students develop skill in the use of HTML coding to structure a page and the use of CSS to style the page. Prerequisites:  GRAPH 110 or instructor permission.

GRAPH 195 - Foundation Portfolio Review

Portfolio review of student’s work upon successful completion of program core curricula courses. Student works individually with an assigned program instructor in evaluating their submitted portfolio to determine their readiness for advanced level courses leading to an AFA degree. Prerequisites: ART 110, GRAPH 110, GRAPH 113, GRAPH 120, and PHOTO 110 or instructor permission.

GRAPH 201 - Advertising Design

Fundamentals of advertising design, the breakdown of roles within an advertising agency, and the function of the advertising designer relative to this hierarchy. Emphasis placed on accurate communication of the advertiser's message through development of concepts, words and visuals that reflect strategy, positioning and brand personality. Prerequisites: GRAPH 231 with a C or higher or concurrently with GRAPH 231 or instructor permission.

GRAPH 202 - Package Design

Introductory course in designing and identifying graphic communication for packaging structures. Use of pre-made templates with an emphasis on the creation of original package design, examining their structures and then using type, color and images on prototypes in three dimensions. Experimentation with different materials is explored while addressing the client's brief and the design rational, being conscious of the target market, point of sale and project budget. Prerequisites: GRAPH 201 with a C or higher or instructor permission.

GRAPH 213 - Brand Identity

Create two identity systems: one for a traditional company and one for a socially constructive campaign. While a traditional identity system is defined as a logo and a set of rules for that logo's application, the goal of this class is to expand upon the ways a brand identity can be expressed through the manipulation of language, materials, and audience expectation/participation. Prerequisites: GRAPH 231 with a C or higher or instructor permission.

GRAPH 231 - Advanced Typography

Advanced typography skills including the history and foundation of letterforms. Emphasis on the placement of display and type in a formatted space and the relationships between the appearance and readability of letterforms. Students work in a traditional context of hand rendering type and are introduced to contemporary technology setting type in page layout software. Prerequisites: GRAPH 113 with a grade of C or higher or instructor permission.

GRAPH 240 - Graphic Design for the Web

Principles of graphic design as applied to website design. Use of tools necessary to create websites that are strategic, interactive, energetic and visually imaginative. This course covers the latest methods of website design, development, and production including standards-based HTML, CSS, and media integration. Students will learn the most current techniques for planning, designing, building and testing a fully functional website from start to finish. Prerequisites: GRAPH 130 or concurrent enrollment in GRAPH 130, or instructor permission.

GRAPH 242 - Content Management Systems

Installation, customization, and management of a content management system website. Covers working with CSS, integrating media queries, incorporating screen optimized graphics, vital plugins for site enhancements, and search engine optimization.instructor permission. Prerequisites: GRAPH 240 with a C or higher or instructor permission.

GRAPH 250 - Graphic Arts Internship

Supervised work experience as an intern. May be with a qualified employer or in a project with a private or public agency. Students must have completed most of the required coursework and must obtain a recommendation for internship from their instructor. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain the internship. Performance will be evaluated by the college instructor and the internship supervisor. Internship can apply once to AFA degree electives. May be repeated two times for credit. Prerequisites: Instructor permission.

GRAPH 252 - Booklab

An examination of the form and design of the printed book, the book cover and eBooks. The primary project is the annual publication of Vibrations Magazine. This course will examine the environment surrounding books and reading–the bookshelf, the library, the bookstore, and the Internet. Prerequisites: GRAPH 231 with a C or higher or instructor permission.

GRAPH 271 - Design for Dynamic Media

Fundamentals of creating interactive prototypes through directed exercises using applications and the open source language processing. Applications include developing interactive graphics, mock-ups and rapid prototypes that address multiple users in a variety of scenarios. Prerequisites: GRAPH 115 with a C or higher or instructor permission.

GRAPH 292 - Business Practices For Graphic Design

An in-depth study of the business aspects of the graphic design profession. Common design problems are emphasized, including pricing, estimates, invoices, client relations and professional business conduct. Class uses lectures, demonstrations, research and studio work. Assesses Core Learning Outcome 3. Prerequisites:  Instructor permission.

GRAPH 295 - Portfolio Development

Advanced course designed for students nearing the completion of their Institute work in graphic arts. Professional portfolio techniques, including interviewing, resume preparation, portfolio design and development, editing, and self-assessments will be presented and explored. Lectures and presentation lab exercises, guest presentations, and development of personal style. Prerequisites: Adviser or faculty recommendation required.

GRAPH 297 - Poetry Northwest

Graphic Arts Internship Supervised professional work experience as an intern for Poetry Northwest, a literary magazine with international distribution. Students gain practical experience in all aspects of layout and production of a print magazine and development of eReader and interactive web versions. Must have completed most of the required coursework for a graphics degree. Performance will be evaluated by the graphics instructor in conjunction with the editor of Poetry Northwest. Prerequisites: Instructor permission.

GRAPH 298 - Degree Project

The degree project is an independent project in interactive or graphic design and is subject to the department's approval. Projects are proposed using an official form. The completed degree project has four components; (1) the design brief, developed to outline problem objectives, deadlines for all components, and resources; (2) a body of professional quality work; (3) documentation including your proposal and record of your work progress; and (4) presentation or exhibition in which your work will be shared publicly. Visiting critics and faculty are invited to review the completed project. Prerequisites: Instructor permission.

GRAPH 299: Special Projects: Open Research

This course offers students the opportunity to pursue a project or topic of personal interest related to visual design and communication. This may be an interest or activity not offered in other courses, a personal ideal, a unique circumstance, a collaboration of two or more individuals, or the preliminary work for the Degree Project.