Digital Illustration

Students in our digital illustration program explore many different artistic and technical techniques, equipment and software used in the creation of digital artwork. These include working with scanners, printers and digital drawing tablets, as well as software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Corel Painter.

In the Digital Illustration program, students can earn a certificate or an endorsement. For additional program information and advising, please contact Greg Kammer.

Certificate in Digital Illustration

Certificate Planning Guide

The certificate is composed of courses that teach illustration skills throughout many different mediums. There are 11 courses, including the Digital Illustration series, Drawing or Painting, Photography, 2D interactive Animation and Typography. This allows students to study a wide range of technical and artistic skills without the commitment of a formal degree. Certificates can be earned in Graphic Design, Digital Illustration, and Web Design.

Endorsement in Digital Illustration

Endorsement Planning Guide

The endorsement is a small group of courses that concentrates on one specific skill within the design field. The Digital Illustration endorsement includes Digital Illustration I, II and III. This series of classes explores the different techniques, equipment and software used to create different types of illustrations and artwork on the computer. Endorsements can be earned in Graphic Design, Digital Illustration and Web Design.

Program Outcomes

Students successfully completing a degree or certificate with an emphasis on Digital Illustration will satisfy program outcomes that are common to the Visual Arts.