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About Vibrations

Vibrations is Everett Community College's annual art and literary publication produced by students in the Graphic Arts 251 and 252 classes. It features work from the graphic arts, fine art, music, photography, theatre, and creative writing programs. Entries of work produced during the prior year are selected from the Art, Graphics, English, Music, Photography, Theater, Ceramiccs and Multimedia departments. The pieces in Vibrations are chosen on the basis of creative and technical excellence by the students of Publication Design II.

Founded in 1963 as a literary publication, Vibrations has remained strong and consistent in its dedication as the showcase for exceptional creative work by Everett Community College students.

The mission of Vibrations is to exhibit, promote and support the art and literary works of our students. We value creative minds and are committed to an environment marked by innovation, openness and creativity. We encourage cross-disciplinary projects and diversity of expression and provides an opportunity for individual challenge and growth.