Student Internships

What is a student internship program?

Sometimes referred to as on-the-job training that is an intensive learning experience outside of the classroom. Students work with the instructor and local contracted salons to locate suitable positions for a planned set of learning objectives. Our internship brochure  is available online.  Our contracted Salons are listed here:

Shear Perfection, Everett Regis, Everett
Salon Envy, Mount Vernon Studio 202, Fall City
Lorindas, Mill Creek Style Studio 53, Mukilteo
The Refinery Salon, Edmonds Per Dona, Mount Vernon
Jack Plum Salon, Stanwood Oasis Spa, Woodinville
Synergy Salon, Mount Vernon Studio 5 Hair Design, Arlington
Studio Galactica, Bellingham Enrapture Salon, Silver Lake

What are the benefits of an internship?

  • Employers (Salons) receive highly motivated and well-qualified applicants to work in their salon and help grow their business with the potential of gaining a new employee. It also affords current employees to gain supervisory skills.
  • Students benefit by receiving practical work experience in the cosmetology industry, meeting curriculum requirement and being able to apply classroom learning to the workplace.
  • The Cosmetology Program benefits by building partnerships with local salons, and by developing further insight into current industry trends, techniques, equipment and products.

How do salons participate?

Contact one of the programs advisors listed to the right. In the beginning, you will need to complete application and job description forms to get started. Weekly hours and activity reports are required as well as an intern evaluation at the end of the quarter.

What about wages?

According to WAC 308-20-091, “student credit for training in a licensed salon/shop” (3), “students cannot receive any wages or commission for hours of credit earned in a salon/shop”.

What makes a good internship?

One that offers an experience related to the student’s career goals and offers new learning and skill development. The salon must also be able to offer students instructions under the direction of a licensed operator.

When can a student apply for an internship?

Students must meet the outlined criteria in order to participate in an internship experience.

  • Complete 1,300 hours of instruction at EvCC Cosmetology Program
  • Maintain 80% attendance level
  • Pass all required courses
  • Maintain a GPA of 2.0 or better
  • Permission of an instructor

How many hours can I spend in a salon while completing my internship?

Students can receive up to 173 creditable hours (10%) of curriculum hours of training in the contracted salon/shop.

Will I be receiving instruction on live people or mannequins while completing my internship experience?

Salons are being encouraged to allow interns to work on models, each other, and/or customers. The training may also include being an assistant. We want you to receive on-the-job training.

What kind of services can I perform while completing my internship?

Below are the outlined hours* available for you to receive training:

  • 12 Esthetics
  • 15 Manicuring
  • 30 Permanent Waving
  • 50 Haircutting
  • 40 Styling
  • 10 Relaxers
  • 40 Hair Coloring and Lightening
  • 8 Shampooing
  • 6 Decontamination Control
  • 4 Front Desk Operations
  • 4 Dispensary Control

* Hours and requirements will be recorded on the EvCC Cosmetology Student Daily Hour Sheets.

How do students earn credit and a grade for their internship?

At the end of the internship the salon will complete a student evaluation form that the college will provide. Students will earn the grade given on the evaluation form will be 10% of the student’s final grade for the clinic course.