Education Program Outcomes

The Education Department supports the college's Core Learning Outcomes, as well as program-specific learning outcomes, which describe what education students are expected to know and be able to do by the time of graduation from Everett Community College. They identify the knowledge, attitudes and skills that education students will acquire in the program curriculum, and are based on Interstate New Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium (INTASC).

Standard One - Subject Matter Knowledge

Students will explain the central concepts, foundations, theories and intellectual frameworks of professional teaching, including the tools of inquiry and structures of the disciplines they wish to teach in order to construct learning experiences that apply these aspects of the profession and disciplines.

Standard Two – Personal and Professional Self-understanding

Students will analyze through observation and reflection a variety of educational philosophies and approaches and will examine issues of professional self-understanding in order to develop personal learning styles and individual teaching styles.

Standard Three – Communication Skills

Students will employ interpersonal, instructional and cultural communication techniques in order to foster future active learning, dialogue, collaboration, and positive interaction and relations with peers, school officials, agencies, parents and learners.

Standard Four - Instructional Planning and Design

Students will design instructional lessons by recognizing curriculum as a process of creating learning objectives, developing the scope and sequence of instructional content, and establishing formal and informal assessment strategies to evaluate instructional effectiveness.

Standard Five - Multiple Teaching Strategies

Students will compare a variety of instructional strategies and methods that address individual learners and learning styles in order to develop collaborative critical thinking and creative problem solving skills in a variety of student populations.

Standard Six - Knowledge of Human Development and Learning

Students will discuss a variety of perspectives on human development and learning in order to design learning experiences to support the cognitive, psychological and social differences and needs of cross-cultural and generational learners.

Standard Seven - Professional Commitment and Responsibility

Students will describe what it means to be a competent, ethical and professional teacher in a democratic, diverse and technological society in order to develop commitment to professional growth and to the legal and ethical responsibilities of American public school teachers.