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English 97 ES (Extra Support) - Fall 2013

Did you place into ENGL 97? Disappointed with your score?
Don’t let grammar get you down! Enter 98 or 101 ahead of the game.
With power!  

Join us for ENGL 97 ES!
This super-charged class offers you regular M – TH class time plus one hour writing support sessions each Friday in the Writing Center. You’re probably wondering a few things, like…

How many credits is it? It’s 5 credits.
Does it cost more?  Not at all. It’s the same price as any other 5 credit class! (That’s more bang for your buck!)
Am I eligible for ENGL 97 ES?  Yes, if you’re a new student who tested into English 97, or a current student who tested into Engl 97 but has not taken an English class.

Registration Information: Register for this class like any other class you register for in person or online.
Class Information
· M – TH
· 10 – 11am
· GWH 166
· 1 section only (so register soon!)
· One hour support sessions held every Friday, 10 – 11am, in the Writing Center, GWH 150
· Instructor: Jennifer Beebe

Available to students who test into 97 but have not taken an English class. Must be registered in the class to attend support sessions.