Archived Themes and Events

Archived Events

2012-2013 Themes: Revolutions (Fall 2012) and enlightenment (Winter/Spring 2013)


Special Presentations:

  • Faculty Recital: Songs of Travel by Vaughan Williams, Kamil Hamaoui, piano, and Thom Lee, voice (Fall 2012)
  • Discussion and Performance: The Feminine Revolution, students Terry Myer, Kristi Hamilton, and Leah Treml-Ellis on women’s suffrage (Fall 2012)
  • WCCHA Fall 2012 Conference: Reboot: How the Humanities Repair, (Fall 2012)
  • Faculty Performance: Country Music Peformance, Rich Ives & Friends (Fall 2012)
  • Panel Discussion: A Revolution in Print, From Gutenberg to Google: Is the printed word dead? Presenters: Jeanne Leader, Marianne Le, Andrea Otanez, Pat Sisneros, Roger Berger, and Emily Harrington (Fall 2012)
  • Enlightenment Denied: Educational Discrimination in Iran (Fall 2012)
  • Revolution and Enlightenment - Paradigms and Paradoxes, David Rash (Fall 2012)
  • Faculty Performance: Beth Peterson (Theater):  Bob at Work, Bob at Play (her original script) (Winter 2013)
  • Faculty Recital: Trish Davies and Kathryn Johnson (Developmental Ed):  Vox Populi (Winter 2013)
  • Faculty Recital: Kerry Lyste (Geography/GIS) piano (Spring 2013)

Enlightenment Lectures (Winter 2013 and repeated in Spring 2013)
Enlightenment in a Material World, Mike VanQuickenborne, Philosophy
Enlightenment and the Brain, Don Smith, Psychology
Eyes on Evolution: The Evolution of Vision and the Vision of Evolution, Fayla Schwartz, Biology Religion and Enlightenment, Margaret Riordan, Sociology & Religion
Tragedy, Charles Fischer, English
Yin & Yang, Thom Lee, Art
Physiology of Enlightenment, Elliot Stern, Health Sciences
American Enlightenment:  Reality Check, Steve Horn, Political Science & Jason Ripper, History

Enlightenment Lectures - Special Guests

  • Why Television has Fallen in Love with Literature, SPU Writer in Residence Gregory Wolfe (Spring 2013)
  • Why Culture Matters: An Anthropoligical Approach to Our Lives, Christina Fusch, Humanities, WA (Spring 2013)
  • Spiritual Enlightenment Panel Discussion, Tom Campbell, Leslie Conton, Alexandra Kovats, Karim Abdullah, and moderator Margaret Riordan (Spring 2013)
  • Holocaust Presentation: Spiritual Resistance in Music & Film: "The Boys of Terezín" documentary, introduced by Mina Miller, of Music of Remembrance (Spring 2013)


Past Humanities Themes

  • Revolutions (Fall 2012) and enlightenment (Winter/Spring 2013)
  • Islam in America: Common Ground (Fall 2011) and Revolutions (Winter/Spring 2012)
  • Global Expressions & Cultural Collisions -- Special Focus: Islam in America, 2010-2011
  • Inquiry: Unity, Patriotism, World Citizenship, 2009-2010
  • Dreams, 2008-09
  • Happiness, 2007-08
  • Memory: The Metaphor of the Muses, 2006-07