NBI Program Courses

Language & Culture Courses

Half Size Tea Ceremony PhotoThe Nippon Business Institute works closely with EvCC's World Languages Program instructors to provide enhancements to course curricula. Courses involved with the NBI include include traditional language instruction (Japanese 121, 122, 123, 221, 222 and 223) as well as hybrid formats for language instruction (Japanese 121-HY, 122-HY, 123-HY) and on-line formats for Anime/Magna (Art 228D-OL) and Japanese History/Culture (HUM 160D-OL).  The courses apply toward the college's diversity course requirements also apply toward the NBI's Endorsement in US/Japan Intercultural Fundamentals program.

Registration is through EvCC Registration / Admission Office.  For more information on Japanese language and culture courses please contact any of the following advisors: Takako Wolf at twolf@everettcc.edu, Masashi Kato at mkato@everettcc.edu, Peggy Hardt at phardt@everettcc.edu, or Keith Takechi at ktakechi@everettcc.edu.

New Hybrid Courses in Japanese Language!

EvCC is now offering a hybrid format for first year Japanese language courses.  The hybrid format allows students to achieve 5 credits in Japanese 121, 122 & 123 by attending one face-to-face class per week with other instruction taking place on-line.  Please check the college schedule for current course listings.   

For more information call
Miki Aspree, NBI Director at 425-388-9380