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  1st Year 2nd Year
American Sign Language (ASL) X X
Arabic X  
Chinese X  
French X X
German X X
Italian X  
Japanese X X
Russian X X
Spanish X X

For world languages offerings at our 5-Star Consortium member colleges, please click the on the appropriate link and search for the language you want: Cascadia CC, Edmonds CC, Shoreline CC, Lake Washington Institute of Technology

The World Languages Department at Everett Community College invites you to tap into culture and history while learning to speak any of the following 9 languages: Arabic (Modern Standard), American Sign Language (ASL), Chinese (Mandarin), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish.

Each language listed includes courses which provide transferable humanities credits; many of the languages have both first- and second-year offerings.

Why Learn Another Language?

  • Think Like a Global Citizen
  • Become More Competitive in the Job Market
  • Improve Your Overall Communication Skills
  • Exercise Your Mental Agility and Improve Your Test Scores
  • Optimize Your Travel Experiences
  • Connect with Your Roots

Degree Options

EvCC language classes are open to majors and non-majors alike. Students who choose to be language majors generally complete a bachelor’s degree; in some cases a master’s degree is desirable. At EvCC, world language students are encouraged to pursue the Associate in Arts and Sciences DTA, which meets statewide guidelines for smooth transfer to most of Washington’s colleges and universities and allows students to complete most or all of the lower-division general education requirements typically required within a bachelor's degree. The complete description of this degree program, with a checklist, is provided in the Associate in Arts and Sciences Direct Transfer (DTA) Guide

Combining studies in business, global studies, humanities, political science, education, history, human services and/or media can be a wise choice. Students should also consider study or travel abroad in order to strengthen their skills and understanding.

Special Requirements

Language Placement Tests: Placement tests in French, German, or Spanish are recommended before enrollment for students with prior exposure to any of these languages. This testing takes place in the Testing Center. For placement in all other world language courses, please meet directly with the instructor.