FAQs for World Languages Online Placement Test

1. What is the online Computerized Adaptive Placement Exam (WebCAPE)?

     (Adapted from the WebCAPE website) Perpetual Technology Group (PTG) is the exclusive licensee of Brigham Young University’s webCAPE (Computer Adaptive Placement Exam). PTG has been offering webCAPE since 2004 and now has over 200 institutions globally using webCAPE. Combined with BYU’s 400 customers, webCAPE is now the worldwide standard to placement testing for ESL, Spanish, French, German, Russian and Chinese. Computerized Adaptive Placement Exams (CAPE) use state-of-the-art computer testing techniques to accurately and efficiently place students in the first two years of college language courses. It also can evaluate employee proficiency levels, and if their fluency is appropriate for your business. The WebCAPE exam selects each test item as a result of the answer to the previous question. When the student answers an item correctly, a more difficult question is presented; if an item is answered incorrectly, an easier question is given. In short, the test "adapts" to the student’s level of ability and will accurately determine the student’s competency level.

2. How does WebCAPE work?

     (Adapted from the WebCAPE website) After starting the CAPE exam, the student responds to questions regarding their previous language experiences to initiate a test record file. Once the record identification information is entered, the computer prepares the student for the test. The first screen briefly explains that the student is to respond to multiple choice questions by typing and confirming the letter of the correct answer. To ensure the student has understood the instructions, a sample test item is given. After this screen the actual test begins. The computerized adaptive placement exams are designed to provide individualized testing, identifying the student’s ability level with combinations of grammar, reading, and vocabulary questions.

3. Which world languages are available?


For American Sign Language, Italian and Japanese, contact the instructors listed in the quarterly class schedule for appropriate placement.

4. Who needs to take it?

     Students with previous knowledge of Spanish, French, German, Russian or Chinese should take the online placement test to determine the best course level based on their language proficiency. Heritage speakers are also advised to take the placement test and contact the appropriate world language instructor to discuss their results.

5. How do I take it?

     You can take the placement test online at any time from any location with a high-speed internet connection.

To get started:
1) Go to the WebCAPE website
2) Select Everett Community College as your organization
3) Select your test language
4) Submit your contact, billing and payment information
5) Take the test

6. How much does it cost?

     The cost of the test is $10 payable by credit card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express) directly to the WebCAPE website.

7. How long does it take to complete the test?

     Due to the adaptive nature of the test the time will vary. On average most students take 20 – 25 minutes to complete the test.

8. When do I get my placement test results?

     You will see your results, along with the recommended course level, immediately after completing the test.

9. How do I submit my placement test results so I can enroll in the recommended course?

1) Save a copy of your placement test results in an electronic format (as a PDF, Word document, or photo)
2) Go to the forms library for students.
3) Select Placement Form – Submit Online*
4) Complete the form online
5) Attach the electronic copy of your test results and submit the form
6) Enrollment Services will need at least two business days to process your request
7) You will receive a confirmation email from Enrollment Services once your request has been processed
8) You can enroll in the appropriate course either online or in person

*If you prefer to register in person, please print a copy of the test results and the completed printable version of the Placement Form and bring both to Enrollment Services.

10. Can I earn academic credits by taking the test?

No. Please note that this test is only intended for placing students at the appropriate course level. The test does not grant students academic credits, nor does it fulfill any world languages admission or graduation requirements.