Nursing Application Deadlines and Process


The deadline for enrolling in the Nursing Pre-Application class has been extended to the last week of the quarter.

If you want to apply for Fall entry into the Nursing Program, there is still time to bring in your official transcripts and get an entry code for the Nursing Pre-Application Class. However, transfer students should pay close attention to the following limitations.

All prequisites must be recorded in Degree Audit by the July 7 application deadline date for a student to qualify for consideration for the Fall Nursing class. Transcript evaluation can take up to eight weeks, depending on the backlog in Enrollment Services. Students who turn in transcripts by week four of Spring quarter have the best chance their transcripts will be evaluated and posted in Degree Audit by the application deadline for Fall. Prequisites courses currently being taken at another school during Spring or Summer are the exception.

Students who are transferring credits should make every effort to bring in their transcripts and sign up for the Nursing Pre-Application class by week four to increase their chances of having a complete application by the application deadline.


Applying for admission into the Nursing Program is a separate procedure from the application process for the College. First, apply to the College and get your Student ID Number and then begin your application to the Nursing Program.

There are several new steps to the Nursing application process:

  1. Online immunization records and background check account. All applicants must create an immunization account and complete a background check  through our new online system with American DataBank (ADB). The immunization section is called Complio. Your immunization account is good for one year, with a cost of $35. You will need to select the "Pre-admission ADN Applicant" option when creating both your immunization and National Background accounts. The background check starts at $55 and can go up if you have lived in several counties or states. The background check portion of the account is good for six months. If it expires before the deadline, it must be renewed, or it will keep you from being considered for the program for that application period.
    Your application must be completely compliant with the standards on the Clinical Passport  by the deadline date in order for you to be considered for the Nursing Program for that quarter. Please read about the Hepatitis B immunizations and testing as this process can take up to eight months to complete. Also review the Tuberculosis requirements  before visiting your healthcare provider for this test.
  2. Another new step in the process is the new "Nursing Pre-Appliction" class. A mandatory non-credit class that must be taken the quarter before the deadline date for the application period a student wishes to compete for the program. This class must be taken each time a student wishes to compete for acceptance into the Nursing Program. Over the next few quarters we will be implementing several changes to the application process and each new quarter's Nursing Pre-Application class will address these changes.  Please click the link to find out more about the class
  3. When you have decided on which quarter you want to compete for, turn in your application  and start your immunization and background check accounts about 30 days before the deadline for that quarter. Turn in your application to the Health Profession Service Center in Liberty Hall room 251. If the deadline date falls on a non-school date (i.e. holiday, weekend, etc.) the deadline is moved to the Friday before the date at 3 p.m. During Summer quarter, EvCC is closed on Fridays. If the deadline falls on a Friday during the summer, the deadline will be moved to the previous business day. Here are the deadlines for the different application periods:

Fall Quarter – July 5
Winter Quarter – September 5
Spring Quarter – January 5

Nursing Assistant StudentsCourse Completion

All non-science courses are completed or student has indicated the manner and timing of the course completion on the application. All outstanding classes must be completed with at least a 2.0 (C) grade before starting the Nursing Program.

All science courses must be completed before the application deadline date with a cummulative GPA of 2.85 or above.

Turn in all official transcripts from other colleges to the Health Professions Service Center (HPSC) in Liberty Hall room 251. If all classes were completed at EvCC, there is no need to turn in transcripts to the HPSC.

New Testing Procedure

Starting Spring Quarter 2015, students applying to the program are required to complete ATI TEAS testing before the deadline date they are applyiing for. The process of sending out letters inviting students to take the TEAS test at Everett Community College is discontinued. Going forward, dates and times that students may sign up to take the test at EvCC are listed here on the Nursing Admissions Testing Signup link.

Students will need to create an ATI account at  selecting Everett Community College as your institution. This must be completed prior to your testing date. Bring your login information to testing. Pay the EvCC Cashier (located in Parks Student Union, room 201) for the test and bring your receipt and U.S. Government issued photo identification with you.

If you have taken the test more than once within the last two years, we will only consider the test results from your second attempt. If you took or are planning to take the test at a location other than EvCC, submit an Official Results Report through ATI to by the deadline date to be considered for that application period.

ATI TEAS test scores are reviewed and considered in the acceptance process for the program. All TEAS test sections must be passed at proficient levels or above. Then, those students with the highest overall TEAS scores will be accepted into the program first. The table below shows the benchmarks for proficient levels.

Overall Score
Reading Score
Mathematics Score
Science Score
Minimum English and
Language Usage Score
58.7% 69.0% 63.3% 45.8% 60.0%

The Nursing Program is changing the entrance test from TEAS to PAX

The Nursing Program will begin using the PAX (Pre Admission eXam) for entrance into the Nursing Program for the Winter 2016 application period. The TEAS test will be discontinued after the Fall deadline of July 5, 2015. Please review the new PAX test  document to learn more about this upcoming change to the admisssions process.

Admission/Advising Policy

A student must have met with a nursing advisor and completed all of the above requirements by the application deadline date to be considered for the Nursing Program.  The Admissions Committee will review and verify these requirements during the selection process. Please note that nursing advisers will not make appointments for student advising. Check the Drop in Advising   schedule for current dates and times advisers will be available during the quarter.