Nursing Program Costs

The cost for a nursing education is higher than for some other courses of study.  This is partially due to the fact that faculty to student ratio is required by the state and by our clinical agencies to be low (8 students to 1 instructor).  In addition, the expenditure for medical supplies and equipment is very high and repairs and replacements are costly. The fees for clinical placement of students is also significant.

The college attempts to match these costs by seeking State of Washington “high demand funds” (higher than usual reimbursement rates for nursing students’ education) and by seeking grants from both federal and local agencies.  

Nursing students are expected to purchase certain medical equipment and supplies and to pay for some supplies that are purchased en mass for them.  Nursing students also pay for Nursing Standardized Testing, simulation and nursing software. These costs are reflected in their Nursing Student Lab Fees (NS Lab Fee).  Since nursing students utilize the computer system for assignments and for communication, a computer fee is also required.  The Technology Fee is a student body approved fee which provides funding for increasing the use of technology across campus.

Expected 2012-2013 Program Costs

(Estimates are for WA resident students.)

Initial Program Costs

Nursing File Establishment Fee


Textbooks (used throughout program)






Name Pin






Initial Total



Tuition and Fees


Quarterly Tuition

$1,000 -$1,200

Technology Fee


Malpractice Insurance


Computer Fee


NS Lab Fee


Indemnity Insurance


Lab Fee

$400 - $600

Quarter Total